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I am Farhan Khan

A professional Actor & Model, or Say an Athlete turned Actor. Its been 7 years Since I first, stepped in front of the camera.

I can sincerely say that I love every aspect of my Job, & feel truly blessed with all that the almighty Lord has blessed me with.

I always believe I am the Gods choosen child & its only with his great that I have been blessed with all the best things in my life.

I have shot for lots of prestigious Brands & worked with some of the best Photographers from around the world. I have also been featured in my magzines, most notebly the cover page of Mens Health Magzine.

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Those who know me say I am a friend before anything, I cherish the people around me especially those who have shown their kindness & support to me as I grew to become the person I am today .I am simple, down to earth guy who loves to read & connect very easily with people, Especially intellectual individuals who may share or challenge my thoughts. Above all I am an Optimistic person who chooses to be happy & grateful, because I belive life is actually an ocean of Happiness...

Before the Glitz & glamour world of fashion & entertainment industry & all the attention from the Grasim Mr India 2004, I was a Professional Athlete, a Sportsman spirit that I have in me today & a zeal to compete in the world of competetion is from my Sports life.

I was a 100 Meter Sprinter competed many state champion ships & broke all the state records of speed & timing.

I won national medal in every race I ran. In 2008 I reached the biggest milestone in my sports career, having beat my own record to achieve the best timing in a 100 mtr race in state championship. I ran after a gap of 4 years, but managed to prove my self & my fans yet again that, when you want to achieve something, you need to put your best foot forward & not look back.

Still today I hold the fastest timing of mumbai record with the timing of 10.07 Seconds. A proud & a happy feeling that brings to me.

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